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To offer trainings topics that are necessary for companies and individuals to maximize their productivity and potential.   Have the training delivered to our clients using proven andragogical techniques. Have the training accessible by most by offering it: at the client's place of business, as webinars or at centrally located venues.


LDI-Training is a company of Langage d'ici inc.


New courses

Here are our new courses:

- Improving your diction in French

All of our trainers have at least a university degree or many years of experience in the subject they teach and excel in the art of teaching adults.

Each dominates group dynamic’s management and caters to each learner’s needs.  We favor humour within our team as it facilitates the learning process.   

With us, you will find well prepared, experienced, dynamic and professional trainers who take your learning objectives to heart, regardless of the training you may select. 

Wy choose us?

- We have trained employees of more than 380 companies;
- We have been doing adults training for more than 22 years; we know what works;
- We offer training topics that fill a need in your business;
- We favour small groups or private classes to maximize student’s participation and interaction while maximizing retention. 

For all these reasons, we believe to be your partner of choice for your training needs.

Public training

    We are moving our training online. Click the title of interest to see if it is available.

What training is coming up?

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